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Hi All, I recently received this as a private msg. Please find some time and go through it and kindly forward it to ppl you think might be interested.. Thanks in advance.. I hope u have a good day, I wanna to tell u why I post my farm pic and the comment "hello from a farmer from Morocco" in every farmers page I visited on phantasy tour, I'm looking for a partner, I would like to tell you as I did with most of my phantasy tour friends , I'm a young farmer from Morocco, 29 years old, I started farming with my family since 2001 when I graduated from high school, Our farm was 16 acres, all of it was under production , but last year my grandfather passed away he is the farm land owner, so last summer our farm is split up between my father and our relatives, our hiers are 4 uncls, they took 75% of farm land , they are not farmers, they sold thier land, I farm now just at my father's land it is very limited!!! I'm very disappointed because I had have a dream to go far in farming , I farm in a very tiny land, I can not make good money from it, I'm looking through facebook if I can find someone from USA or Canada or Europe" the currency of these countries is valuable here" I wish to pay me a visit first, then I'm sure he would love to purchase a farm here then I will farm " Grow Lights, vegetables, greens production organically, animal raising, chickens for eggs, some fruit trees" , I will paretake the incomes with the land purchaser, This is my proposal and my message to all my phantasytour friends, if they are not interested or can't I ask them to pass along my info to the others or to link me to any organisation website or Hydroponics..., maybe I will reach to the proper person with this idea !! I have a long journey through phantasytour I wish you too to pass along my proposal to your friends and people thoes interested in farming, I wish you understand my english, by the way I'm spanish women, All of my phantasytour friends knows my objectives here in phantasytour, Thank you, Kevin Anderson

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