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    Here's How to Germinate Marijuana Seeds

    Sure, you can germinate any marijuana seed, even the ones you've been collecting over the years from the various bags of weed you've bought.

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    Insider's Grow: Six Tips for Growing Super Sativas

    If you are new to growing indoors you may be advised to steer clear of sativa-dominant selections due to their less obedient growth habits and longer budding times versus more indica- and kush-dominant strain selections.

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    LA Top 10: Concentrates

    We put together our rankings of the top ten in each category of competition at the Los Angeles Cannabis Cup with some stats. Check out the Top 10 Concentrates from LA:

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    Strain Solution: Hangover

    TH Seeds have earned a stellar reputation for bringing the best of California's genetics to Amsterdam and beyond. This proud tradition continues with their latest offering, the Burmese Kush (lovingly referred to as "Buku"). One of the most resinous strains available at coffeeshops in Holland, Buku is the result of crossing an authentic Burmese Kush with the clone-only OG Kush so well known in the Los Angeles area. As one might expect, the results are super "kushy," with the telltale dark green leaves and unique piney flavor inherent in the Kush family of strains.

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    Make Money with Marijuana Seed Affiliate Programs

    Do you have a website or blog? Are you a social celebrity on Facebook or Twitter? Then you can make money online! It's Free and you won't believe how easy it is! Marijuana Seed Affiliate Program Reviews

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    Strain Solution: Neuropathy

    Derry and his team of Barney's Farm bud breeders are always on the lookout for unique strains to grow out for the menus at some of Amsterdam's finest coffeeshops. This attention to connoisseur-level detail and quality has resulted in the stabilization of a wonderful new prizewinner called Crimea Blue, a strain with a rare Ukrainian Hash Plant pedigree combined with the popular Blueberry for added flavor and improved complexity.

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    Insider's Grow: Marijuana Plant Health

    It is possible to set up and cultivate medicinal marijuana indoors and completely avoid common indoor cropping problems without ever resorting to sprays or other controls. Don't ever think you should 'get used to' problems in your garden.

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    Can You Spot The Bud Rot?

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    Spliff Seeds Marijuana Strain Reviews @ SeedFinder.net

    Spliff Seeds is created for growers, collectors and medicinal marijuana users that need the highest quality cannabis seeds. Marijuana Strain Reviews.

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    Easy Buds for Busy People

    If you've ever thought you don't have enough time or space to grow, think again. In today's economically stressed America, people are working longer and harder than ever to make ends meet, but you can still grow great weed, relax your mind and supplement your income -- and fit it all into your busy schedule. This inexpensive and simple system, created by the King of Queens, demonstrates just how easy it can be to grow your own magnificent herb in just minutes a day, and harvest up to three crops a year.

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    1 Meathod to help increase THC production. And it works really good!

    This video and short article will show you how to increase THC production by at least 50 - 75% and sometimes more.

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    Insider's Grow: Drying Buds

    How buds are handled at harvest makes a difference in the quality of what's in the bag at the end of the day. For mega-producers of medicinal buds, machine trimming may be the only practical solution, especially when there is high demand. But automatic trimming -- no matter how well designed the machine -- knocks some of the quality off the buds.

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    Strain Solution: Chronic Stomach/Back Pain

    Over the past few years, the sativa-dominant Blue Dream has become a real dispensary-favorite and staple of cannabis collectives on the West Coast, especially in the Bay Area. Full-bodied in scent, flavor and high, this colorful strain provides a richness of experience lacking in many other 'meds.' Patients report that it works well to relieve stomach pain as well as chronic back pain.

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    Strain Solution: ADD/ADHD

    Barney's head honcho Derry crossed the legendary G-13 male responsible for many of Amsterdam's finest coffeeshop weeds with a favorite Hawaiian sativa to create the G-13 Haze, which promptly won Cup awards two years in a row. Spicy and sweet flavors as well as a stupendous, uplifting high make this sativa-dominant plant a real keeper.

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    Nico's Nuggets: Grow Tip of the Week

    Q: I have recently been reading up on a plant training whereby the branch is twisted in opposite directions until you hear a snap. It said this breaks the plant fibers and causes them to rebuild and create a stronger branch with better buds. Is this correct? Would this technique be safe to use while in flower? - Alex L.

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    99 Plants in 7 Days: A Scientific Approach to Cloning

    Cloning is a highly effective -- and simple -- method for propagating large numbers of plants at one time. Good cloning practices not only ensure all-female, genetically uniform gardens, but they also cut down on the length of grow cycles and keep gardens disease and pest free. With good technique and a fundamental understanding of plant growth and science, full gardens are up and flowering in no time.

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    30% More Yield: Indoor Pot Grow Advice

    Most growers think that removing one or two big leaves is okay, especially since removal of the large ones allows other parts of the plant to produce bigger sticky buds. But then again, those big home-grown solar panels are gathering energy for the plant. Removing them is like cutting off a source of energy for growth.

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    Can Wi-Fi Kill Your Pot Plats?

    if you suck at growing...now you've got a valid excuse, man. FUCK did we just giveaway the answer???

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    JORGE'S RX: Seeds, Soil, and Lumens

    I started to germinate seeds between wet paper towels. I put them on a plate, covered them in plastic wrap and put the plate in a desk drawer...

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    MARCH 2014 HIGH TIMES Magazine

    Learn how to build your own hydro system, plus research where to buy the best seeds in the world with the 40 Best Seed Banks of All Time... all in the March 2014 issue of HIGH TIMES.

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    Strain Solution: Depression

    This strain was named in honor of noted cannabis researcher and author Dr. Lester Grinspoon, the Harvard Medical School professor whose brilliant advocacy and writing in defense of marijuana spans four decades. Pure sativas are a true rarity in ganja genetics, and Dr. Grinspoon is one of the best I've ever sampled that's available in seed form. But be warned: The high is so strong and energetic that it can induce racing hearts and even panic attacks in unsuspecting tokers. Long-lasting and very cerebral, this is a true connoisseur's strain, with medicinal properties that aid in the treatment of depression and nausea.

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    The Art and Science of Cleaning Concentrates: Part One

    Before we begin, please note that this article was written for professional concentrate manufacturers with the goal of helping them to create cleaner, healthier products. Some people have foolishly attempted to make concentrates using cans of butane meant for lighter refills and have badly burned or injured themselves in the process, even causing explosions; those who survived have faced prosecution on serious criminal charges. Further, consumers need to be forewarned that ingesting such amateurishly made extracts can have long-term health consequences. Because solvents are highly flammable, potentially explosive and dangerous to work with, we believe extraction should be left to the professionals. Therefore, the initial extraction process will not be described in this article, which focuses on ways to improve the purging and cleaning of extracted cannabis resin.

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    Indoor Grow: Alternative Lighting

    Lighting for plants is nutrition; it's very much like fertilizer, except it's absorbed in wavelengths through the leaves. Think of a rainbow: each color is like a different nutrient for your pot plants. Each color is important, but various types of plants use nutrients differently; they also use different amounts during different times of the year. For example, in the vegetative state, plants prefer more 'blue' light, while in bud they do better with more 'red' light.

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    Free Weed: Episode 51

    Free Weed from Danny Danko starts off 2014 with a bang! Episode 51 features a discussion of the new recreational marijuana sales in Colorado with Marijuana Policy Project's Mason Tvert and HIGH TIMES editorial director Dan Skye. Plus, we take the "cult" out of cultivation as we present five growing rules that were made to be broken. And, as always, Danny answers listeners... grow questions and we wrap it all up at the end with Raw rolling papers.

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    2014 Hydro Report

    While soil is forgiving for first-time growers and allows the use of a wide variety of fertilizers and supplements, including organics, the levels of dissolved oxygen at the roots of a plant grown in soil are relatively low compared to a well-planned hydroponics system. In soil, plants have to compete with other organisms in the rhizosphere (root zone), such as fungi and bacteria, to extract nutrients and other essential building blocks... and while there are many microbes that work symbiotically with the plants, assisting them in absorbing these materials, the fact is that plants grow fastest in a sterile root environment with plenty of oxygen. Pure and uninterrupted absorption of oxygen, water and minerals provides everything that a healthy plant craves - with nobody else cutting into the chow line.

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